Friday, November 19, 2021

Rittenhouse Rock

I note in passing the death of Mick Rock and the not guilty verdict in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, and point you to the factor that unites them, which is the declining strength of the post-war liberal progressive egregor. As I outlined in an earlier post, as a generation dies off, so does its cultural influence and worldview, thus allowing new and unfamiliar worlds to emerge. Mick Rock's passing represents a grevious diminution of the egregor that blossomed in the Sixties and flourished up until the early 21st Century, as he was such a fertile generator and conductor of that generation's images. And images as much as music were the central mode of transmission for the progressive worldview.

Rittenhouse's acquittal is an example of the real world consequences of this trend, as the combined efforts of the broadcast media, liberal press and civil rights organisations to secure his conviction have spectacularly failed. These institutions are losing their ability to create unstoppable media bandwagons that can generate the momentum to achieve their desired political goals. This weakening will accelerate as the cohort who created the mainstream legacy media continues to die off. So the future of progressivism for at least the medium term will largely consist of the mourning of the loss of iconic individuals and flinching in horror at the sinister political forms emerging in the void they leave.

Anyway, here's some Bowie:

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